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Iron Chic

The Constant One



It seems funny to use words like "epic" and "supergroup" in a punk rock context, but here we are. Iron Chic's members, dudes from bands like Latterman, Small Arms Dealer and Get Bent, have been playing together since about 2008. Iron Chic's songs have gotten more ambitious and inspiringly fist-pumpy along the way—all while the band has retained a sense of humor and DIY ethics. The website description calls them "a decent band from Long Island, NY. They play songs that areacceptable."

Iron Chic's latest full-length, 2013's The Constant One, is 40 or so minutes of anthemic, cathartic glory, with all the gang-vocal-singalong-joyousness of Latterman. There are great singles, like "(Castle) Numbskull" and "Spooky Action at a Distance," but Constant One is still best enjoyed in its entirety.

I'm not the only one getting goosebumps; this band is making serious waves right now. A friend of mine got her nose broken at Iron Chic's packed set at Fest in Gainesville, Fla., last November. YouTube videos from the band's current nationwide tour have me stoked that I get to see them here on home turf. I don't want anybody's nose broken, of course, but I do hope it will be epic.

Iron Chic plays the ZACC Thu., March 27 at 8 PM, for Martyfest 2014, along with Atlantic Thrills, Battlestations, Buddy Jackson, Mountain Shark, The Hounds and Jacob Osborne. $8/$6 advance at Ear Candy. All ages, alcohol-free.

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