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Jamestown Revival



It's not hard to hear what Jamestown Revival is trying to revive: the upbeat lament of Southern soul. But the band is two young white guys from Austin, so it's no surprise that the sound they're searching for is filtered through the concave lens of contemporary indie pop. The result is spare but accessible songs driven by pretty harmonies and punchy guitar riffs. It's a sound that has already garnered the band a shot at the cover of Rolling Stone and an appearance on "Last Call with Carson Daly," despite having only released one four-song EP. It's palatable and nostalgic pop for a generation—myself included—that can access all of the sounds and styles of the past from the effortless comfort of ye olde internet connection. The edges of the great Stax sound have been softened, making Jamestown Revival easy to swallow but hard to feel going down. "I was only seventeen," they sing on "Ain't It a Shame," "Finding out that the world was mean." The world is mean, but Jamestown Revival is too nice to really let the listener know. When they sing, "I sold out: / Go to school / Get a job / Pay the bills while my joy is robbed," they sound sort of OK with it.

Missoula news

Jamestown Revival plays the Badlander Monday, May 28, at 10 PM, with The Lusitania, Bellamaine and The Hasslers. $5.


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