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Skuffed Up My Huffy


Scream along with Japanther. Fast and fuzzy, the Brooklyn duo wants it that way. Every song on Skuffed Up My Huffy is an invitation to fist-pumping foot-stomping, as close to cramming a circle pit onto an album as any recording artist could expect.

At least, that’s the case when drummer Ian Vanek is splitting the skins and bandmate Matt Reilly is smacking the crap out his bass. Both will step away from raging at opportune moments, however, to play some tape. To open “Tender People” a young woman yells from a lo-fi archive, “When you’re a kid everyone tries to tell you what to do. Your bosses, your teachers, your parents and those bullies at school. Well, we say fuck that! You’re not the boss of me!” The ensuing anthem suits her sentiments.

Japanther uses such captured material to buttress and adorn straightaway punk rock. Snippets of conversation and field-recorded noises alight on every one of the baker’s dozen of brief  tunes on Skuffed Up My Huffy. The serendipitous selections add playfulness to otherwise pissed-off riffs, a joyful middle finger lifted to stir the air.

Japanther plays the KBGA Birthday Bash Saturday, Sept. 22, at 8:30 PM at the Badlander and the Palace Lounge. $7/$5 in advance.

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