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Kingdom of Magic

Kingdom of Magic


Taking cues from doom bands like Electric Wizard and High on Fire, as well as the sludgy side of metal a la Eyehategod and the Melvins, Denver-based Kingdom of Magic crafts a delicious brew of groovy riffs and heavy bass tones.

Opener “Gravity Falcon” kicks things off with the pounding of a few piano keys, and then transitions into a minor-key metallic workout of epic proportions, thanks to the shredding of guitarist/vocalist Luke Fairchild.

“Upon the Wings of the Mighty Manatee,” offers listeners a similar visceral experience: Catchy riffs hit you in the gut and induce a snail’s pace head banging, thanks in part to the low-end dirge of bassist Joe Ramirez and tight drumming of Devon Rogers.

No matter that you can’t tell what Fairchild is singing about on either song. The emphasis of this release—as with most doom metal—is to hit the listener hard with sound waves. This short EP does this, and does it well.

Kingdom of Magic plays the Palace Thursday, May 7, at 9 PM. Red Obelisk, Green Sickness and Pollen open. $5.

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