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Kirby Krackle and Adam WarRock



The difference between geek rock then and geek rock now is that the current crop of geek rockers have ditched the make-up and mesh muscle shirts in favor of ironic tees and sounds that needn't shock to be heard. At least that is the case for Seattle's Kirby Krackle, who has forgone the pseudo-darkness of KISS and the Misfits' burlesque lyrics to make geek/nerd rock that is sophisticated and respects its audience. Really what's worse: A 30-something-year-old singing about a girl he loved back in high school or singing about the Watcher? "Ring Capacity" has a hook-filled chorus that crescendos just right and has your toe-tapping even if you don't know who Kyle Rayner is. That's the difference between good nerdcore and the rest.

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Adam WarRock is a rapper who treads in the same thematic territory as KK. Rhyming is all about dropping references, esoteric or otherwise; Wu-Tang's love of kung fu and MF Doom's deeply esoteric allusions come to mind. WarRock is no different, he delivers rhymes with the alacrity of a Shaolin monk's leap.

Kirby Krackle and Adam WarRock perform at Muse Comics and Games on Mon., Feb. 27 at 8 PM. 2100 Stephens Ave. #107. $7.


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