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Knifey Spoony

2011 Demo



Oakland's Knifey Spoony is extremely punk rock. Their most recent album—the catchily-titled 2011 Demo—is approximately 12 minutes long, and that's including a brief recording of an old man explaining the importance of youth. If you're wondering what "old man" means in this context, it refers to anyone not currently a member of Knifey Spoony.


The band is an energy project—a mostly-hardcore exercise in singing into a telephone handset and keeping up with the drummer. Lord knows they sound terrible in their 28-minute discography, but reviewing Knifey Spoony's recorded material is like critiquing Michael Jordan's golf swing. That's not what they are about. Knifey Spoony is about making you run in a circle and smash into people, with brief pauses to wipe your mouth, and they will sound great in the Palace.

Don't go if you're not into punk rock. Don't go if, like me, you are totally into punk rock but also kind of old and crabby. Go if you miss the kind of bands featured in the background of Repo Man—bands that aren't about sounding like something, but feeling like something. This Friday, Knifey Spoony plays you.

Knifey Spoony plays the Palace Friday, June 24, at 9 PM with Tidal Horn and Disaster Race. $5.


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