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Knot Knocked Up

Pseudo Psluts


Knot Knocked Up’s well-timed screams and trashcan rhythms are surprisingly listenable. On Pseudo Psluts, the local all-girl experimental noise group sound as if the ranting and chanting witches of Macbeth formed a band.

Hollow drumming and shrieks evoke tribal ritual. And with song titles like “Zombie Rape” and “Cunt Puddle” you can’t accuse them of thematic prudishness. “Chemical/Physical” sounds like the sort of weird art noise of Men’s Recovery Project, only with simmering punk melodies à la Bratmoblie or Bikini Kill. “Spank Me Slow” could be part of an experimental rock opera. Then there’s the a cappella “Crisco,” which comes across like drunken improv in a late-night kitchen.

Frontwoman Mikki Lunda belts out hauntingly shrill catcalls that end almost gracefully in punctuated meows. Rather than ear splitting, the band’s instrumental imprecision exhibits a sort of animalistic insanity that’s more sincerely visceral than most art noise.

This is a novelty record that you might not listen to more than once, and perhaps never all the way through. But unlike so many noise bands set on masturbatory cacophony without care for their listener, this debut offers a playfulness that’s at least compelling enough to listen to for the experience.

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