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Kool AD & Kassa Overall

Coke Boys 5



Two months after French Montana released the potentially redundant Coke Boys 4, Kool AD and Kassa Overall have dropped Coke Boys 5. As the title suggests, it's kind of a stunt. Kool and Kass rap over several recognizable beats from commercial hip-hop, including "UOENO"—which is a year old last week—and Wu Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M." That last one contains the couplet "I feel like Bennifer from the "Jenny From the Block" video but more pretty, though. / How come Drake said he started from the bottom but, um, he really didn't, though?"

It is not, in other words, a serious project. Still, Coke Boys 5 feels important, if only for the density of its postmodernity. Rapping about Drake's origin story over one of the most iconic beats of '90s hip-hop may not be a contribution, but it is a scathing indictment. The laziness of Kool's work again calls attention to the inventiveness of his rapping and, in this context, the limitations of everybody else. He may lack the discipline to write a "C.R.E.A.M." of his own, but he has the imagination to conceive rap as more than another shipment of product.

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