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Lazer Sword



In some tripped out alternate universe, it's my hope that Lazer Sword would be commissioned to spread its gospel of futuristic funk to the neon-clad masses. This international duo, made up of producers Low Limit (Los Angeles) and Lando Kal (Berlin), create freakishly addictive and fervently layered electronic music that's built on the rhythmic foundations of hip hop. On their eponymous debut, razor sharp breakbeats that sometimes sound like someone slapping raw meat mingle with delicious minor key synth melodies, bass that tickles your innards and spliced samples from old-school video games, YouTube and field recordings. It's danceable, yet intricately produced, and features lots of sounds darting in and out of the mix each measure. They also utilize pacing and tension like nobody's business, especially on epic dancefloor numbers like "Tar." The amalgamated style of dance music—which is truly unlike anything else in the genre—has been called "Future Blap" and "Aqua Crunk." Whatever it is, electronic music nerds will love it, and so should people that just want to dance their ass off to some of the freshest and funkiest beats this side of the Milky Way.

Missoula news

Lazer Sword plays the Palace Thursday, Nov. 10, at 9 PM with Paravoid, Logisticalone and ir8prim8. $10/$15 for those 18–20.


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