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Legend Recognize Legend



Considering Lazerbeak (aka Aaron Mader) is a producer with the Minneapolis indie hip-hop powerhouse known as the Doomtree Collective, it would stand to reason that this would be a block-rocking instrumental album. What we have here, though, is completely unexpected. Legend Recognize Legend is an indie pop record that features Mader's airy vocals mixed with hip-hop rhythms, acoustic guitar, synths and strings. It feels like you're listening to a band or a mini-orchestra rather than a dude who arranged everything on a computer.


The brightest moments include "Let It Go," a song about facing death, which features booming timpani rhythms and either French horns or trumpets. "Cannon Falls" ups the ante with a hefty chorus of vocalists, a danceable beat and lyrics about floating down rivers and flying in spaceships.

Mader's compositional talent—along with contributions from the Doomtree Collective—is what makes this a full-bodied affair. Every plucked, bowed, blown or sung note breathes easy and fits nicely within each track, like a well executed piece of classical music.

Lazerbeak plays the Palace Sunday, Nov. 7, at 9 PM with other members of the Doomtree Collective and Slopstar. $8.


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