Leader of the Revolution

Ellie Hill

Readers' Pick

While serving as executive director of the Poverello Center homeless shelter, Ellie Hill did battle with NIMBYs and nay-sayers who resisted attempts to move the Pov from its ramshackle Ryman Street digs to a more suitable site. Hill took heat for her efforts. But we can’t help think that her work laid an essential foundation for the shelter’s coming move. The wheels are finally in motion to build a new Pov on West Broadway. Hill, a state lawmaker, stepped down from the Pov last year. She’s now running a reelection campaign against former Missoula City Councilor Lyn Hellegaard in House District 94. Based on what we saw from Hill during the last legislative session, we know we’ll be able to count on her to champion progressive issues, such as reproductive freedom, LGBT equality and the right for individuals and states to craft their own health care directives when it comes to medical marijuana. Indy readers believe there’s nobody better equipped to carry Missoula’s revolutionary values to Helena.
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