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Little Brazil



Narrative concept albums can be a tricky endeavor. One weak link and even Pink Floyd couldn’t keep the musical chain from falling to pieces. Omaha’s Little Brazil bites off a lot with Son, the group’s upcoming third album and first from Anodyne. The question is can they choke it down?

Frontman Landon Hedges at least proves himself capable of selecting a compelling lyrical subject. Formerly of Conor Oberst’s Desaparacidos, Hedges spins a semi-fictional tale about a boy/man struggling through the trappings of love and life. Little Brazil pushes the main character from resentful son to loving father to mournful divorcé with your standard indie guitar and organ mastery.

Little Brazil keeps the chain from breaking chiefly through a sense of immediacy. Son is told through figures in life’s rearview mirror, but the emotions resonate from the moment unfolding and not the moment remembered. And in turning to a middle school diary rather than analytical hindsight, Hedges follows the Golden Rule for any writer: Show, don’t tell. Little Brazil follows that rule, providing a spoonful of gold that helps Son go down smooth.

Little Brazil plays The Other Side Saturday, March 7, at 9 PM with 1090 Club and Ladyfinger (ne). $7.

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