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The jamtronica scene is full of quality live bands making electronica-influenced tunes on "real" instruments, but no other group in the genre delivers the juice with the deliciously filthy strut of Lotus. Dubstep wobbles and glitchy hip-hop samples get interwoven perfectly with gritty instrumental improvisation, effortlessly crossing genre boundaries but never losing sight of the dance floor mojo. On Build, Lotus accomplishes what many acts in both the jam band and electronic communities fail to do: create a thoroughly enjoyable album's worth of entertainment in a studio environment.

Build has a more prog-rock influenced sound than the crunk party anthems on the group's 2011 eponymous release, but instead of hindering the dance beats, it helps add structure to the compositions. There's shreddy guitar riffs to make rockers raise the metal horns, enough slick synth lines and smart programming for electronica fans to feel comfortable, and bass lines mixed with hip-hop beats so greasy that everybody gets a chance to boogie. From the 21st century funk of "Middle Road" to the cyborg make-out jam "Massif," this band's decadent groove is the perfect meeting point between technology and organic musicality.

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