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Lucas Cates & Kenny Leiser

Live from Jensen Hall



If you like John Mayer, Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews, chances are you'll get some pleasure out of Lucas Cates and Kenny Leiser. The two members of The Lucas Cates Band recently put out a live acoustic album full of breathy pop songs with a lot of "yeah-eah, yeah-eah" and "no, no, no" fillers, plus indulgent guitar solos. The suave affectation and cheesy lyrics make this album perfectly suitable for the most innocuous tastes of dude-bro college boys.


Clearly, both Cates and Leiser have lovely voices and play pretty chords. But songs like "Crucial Tactics" derail them with inane lines like, "Didn't catch her name. She was hot as hell. It's a real nice party...Give a million dollars, one night with her." Seriously? Not sure which is worse, that sort of her-body's-a-wonderland treacle or the historical jam "1492," in which Cates plays the role of a colonizer. There's perhaps a hint of humor in "Cougarville" (wouldn't you think?) about older ladies in which Cates sings, "Doin' good girl, rockin' my world, that's right. Come on over and I can rub your shoulders...tonight." But the polite audience clapping throughout the album and the duo's earnestness makes me realize they're all too serious.

The Lucas Cates Band plays the Top Hat Thursday, March 25, at 9:30 PM. Cover TBA.


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