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On the Horizon



Lynx's music is moody and contemplative, strikingly beautiful and often complex in its arrangement. The Oakland, Calif.-based beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist expertly bridges the gap between genres on her latest record, On the Horizon, which mashes together folk, indie pop and beats that teeter between downtempo, hip-hop and dubstep. At times, she sounds like the female counterpart to Los Angeles experimental instrumental hip-hop artist Baths, with a reliance on emotive vocals, spliced samples of found sounds and glitched out beats.

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Everything is also expertly mixed, and nothing seems cluttered, especially on tunes like "Young Blood," where digital bleeps, dubstep beats and meaty bass snuggle with unlikely bedfellows like the banjo and mandolin. "Traces" is another gorgeous gem, and offers up some dope beatboxed rhythms that switch between hip-hop and house and are coupled with minor-key banjo licks and lyrics like "The sight of you is like the morning dew / So refreshing / So sweet / And yet so cold." The overall feeling of this album is morose and pensive, but somehow it isn't a downer. Lynx's angelic voice infuses a sense of balance and warmth to the affair.

Lynx plays the Top Hat Thursday, March 8, at 9 PM, with Tahj and DJs Mermaid and Kris Moon. $10/$8 advance.


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