The Theme of Consequence

“Cantilever,” the first track on Madráso’s The Theme of Consequence, sounds suspiciously like Fugazi and the Jesus Lizard had a few shots of whiskey together, then got their hands on Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” and had their way with it. After such an opener, there’s no going back: no more school dances, no more Kevin Bacon.

Madráso skillfully bludgeons its way through sludgy bass lines, steely chords and barreling drum beats with oxen force, each track a measured concoction of mathy guitar and charred vocals. “Razorblades & Metaphors” unleashes a hurricane of rock, held together by its own force and pummeling forward without any sign of averting mass destruction. “Iteration” stops and starts its wintry riffs without warning, growing in bulk and strength as the song goes on. This Seattle band knows how to play their instruments; moreover, they know how to deliver clashing cadences with magnetic verve.

The Theme of Consequence might be a quick journey into heavy rock in just seven short tracks. But by the time the spotlight has faded and the album is over, Madráso manages to leave the stage a terrific shambles. (Erika Fredrickson)

Madráso performs Friday, May 11, at Higgins Hall with Walking Corpse Syndrome and BlessidDoom. 7 PM. $3.

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