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Martin Sexton peddles the kind of feel-good poppy folk rock on Seeds that can elate, if you’re willing to suspend some cynicism. If you can’t, this album can just as easily make you cringe. It all depends on your mood.

Case in point: The bubbly opener, “Happy,” features Sexton singing about cherishing every moment he spends with his honey. It’s dripping with sugary sweetness, bordering on eye-rolling cheese.

Regardless, the seventh release from this Syracuse, N.Y. native—and his first in seven years—showcases Sexton’s undeniably deft songwriting ability, impressive vocal range and a few surprises, including the use of beat boxing on some tracks for percussive effect.

As for the songs themselves, some touch on the subject of love, whether being in it (“Marry Me”) or discussing problems stemming from it (“Thought I Knew Ya”). Sexton also muses on faith, like in “There Go I,” and delves into his childhood with the song “Failure.”

Seeds is a well-produced and heartfelt affair, despite sounding monotonous at certain points. If anything, the release shows Sexton capable of getting back to the top of his game after a long layoff.

Martin Sexton plays the Wilma Theatre on Wednesday, April 8, at 8 PM. $25/$22 advance.

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