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Pyramid of the Sun



I can't shake the thought that Maserati's monumental tune "Oaxaca" would fit perfectly within a scene from some 1970s dystopian sci-fi film. The minor-key moodiness and sense of urgency on this synth-heavy tune evoke a protagonist who's desperately searching for some place to hide while on the run from the iron fist of an autocratic government. It's cinematic, psychedelic post-rock with touches of Krautrock and dance-y electronic music dabbled throughout. And like any good flick, it ping pongs inside your head for days.


"They'll No More Suffer From Thirst" is another keeper on the Athens, Ga.-based band's instrumental arsenal. Shimmery guitar takes center stage, and then lifts off into trails of delay effect. It's akin to a spaceship breezing past clusters of asteroids. Pastoral guitar motifs also slip in the mix, while a funky bassline coalesces with a disco drumbeat. Other tracks, like "Pyramid of the Sun," highlight wailing, mournful guitar work and a tightly honed sense of dynamics. The final track, "Bye M'friend, Goodbye"—which is also the last song the band recorded with drummer Jerry Fuchs before he died in 2009—shows the band at its best with rocking riffs and enlivening melodies. It totally seals the epic post-rock deal.

Maserati plays the Palace Wednesday, April 20, at 9 PM with Treehouse and The Lion The Tamer. $8.


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