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Mattress tossed


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Listeners and fans of Z100’s defunct morning show “The Big Mattress” are wondering whether the host with an edgy attitude was swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle. Matt Baier, simply “Matt” on-air, vanished from Missoula’s radio scene at the end of 2004, just six months after he arrived. He lent the airwaves a hard wit that horrified some Missoula folks. One ex-listener remembers that when Matt discussed the city’s pending Broadway reconfiguration plan, designed to better accommodate non-vehicular traffic like cyclists, he suggested that drivers use the bike lane in protest.

Where did Matt go?

“That’s an issue that I’m just not at liberty to discuss,” says Z100 operating manager Scott Richards. Two other station employees also declined to comment.

Whether he was gracing or tainting Missoula’s airwaves, “Matt was a great entertainer,” Richards says. He was also polarizing. “You either loved him or hated him,” he says.

Baier had a direct, “big-city-East-coast” delivery that shocked some listeners and beguiled others.

“It was just a style that hadn’t been in this town before,” Richards says.

It appears that Baier disappeared without a trace. “The Big Mattress” has since been replaced with “In the Morning with Brian and Carol.” (Carol Wolfe had co-hosted with Matt, and Brian Lee is a new Fisher employee.) Richards believes that Baier’s closest friend at the station was Richards himself. But even Richards denies having any knowledge of his former pal’s current whereabouts.

“That tells you something,” he says, a little dryly.

He doesn’t admit to regret, though.

“Any regrets from myself or [station owner] Fisher Communications? No comment.”

Baier, as you may have surmised, could not be reached for comment.



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