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Dreamchasers 2



Meek Mill's Dreamchasers 2 begins with a sample of Mike Tyson's "my defense is impetuous" speech, in which the champ threatens to eat Lennox Lewis's children. It is a fitting introduction to a mixtape that is all about technical superiority. Mill's flow is fantastic, shifting back and forth between triplets and offbeats with assurance. He is a prime exemplar of the influence of Southern rap on East Coast emcees—a style that is danceable and fun but meatier than Flocka's or Gucci's semi-syntactic barking. Dreamchasers 2 is good strip-club music, but it is also good rap.

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Still, certain compromises are made. For such a versatile talent, Mill spends a lot of time rapping about watches. It's satisfying when he claims that he has recently purchased a Rolex "you can skate on, [n-word] / If they ain't loving they hating, so get your hate on, [n-word]" but the concept gets hollow when he repeats it on six other tracks. His "24-year-old millionaire" motif implies that success means more to Mill than racks and 'bachs, but mostly he hints without speaking to it. He is better than most rappers. Maybe he should be deeper than most rap.


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