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Situated slightly north of Hamilton, Montana, and almost due west of Corvallis, Mill Point is the most-visited high-point on Printz Ridge. The easternmost summit on the ridge, it’s visible from almost anywhere in the Bitterroot Valley between Stevensville and Grantsdale.

On the south side of this peak (8,467’) are massive spires and cliff-faces that are among the most sought-after by western Montana rock climbers. Peering upward at the granite formations from the Blodgett Creek Trail is enough to inspire almost anyone to try rock climbing. At the very least, viewing these granite monsters makes one wonder what it would be like to ascend their airy heights.

The best routes to the Mill Point summit begin from the Blodgett Creek Trailhead and range from Class 2 to Class 3. The easiest routes begin close to the eastern end of the mountain. The routes increase in difficulty as you proceed westward along this peak’s rocky southern edge. Whichever route you select, once above the cliff-bands, it makes sense to stay just above the cliff tops while hiking to the summit to avoid the worst of the deadfall and underbrush.

—Michael Hoyt

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