Missoula, by the numbers



2: Number of National Championships won by UM's football team since 1995

19,000: Season tickets sold to Washington-Grizzly Stadium for UM's 2009 season

25: Dollars for which a UM student can have an "F" erased from his/her transcript (and repeat the class)

120: Bump, in dollars, of resident tuition at the University of Montana and Montana State

17.6: Projected deficit, in millions of dollars, for Montana's university system following stimulus depletion

0: Public rock-climbing walls available within five miles of Missoula

3,400: Capacity, per hour, of both chairlifts at Montana Snowbowl

102: Pounds Missoula Mayor John Engen has lost since his 2006 election

7: Indian reservations in Montana

3,223: Number of feet that Missoula lies above sea level

250: Number of lakes in Glacier National Park

345,923: Number of books sold or traded at The Book Exchange in Tremper's Shopping Center in 2008

923: Number of homeless in Missoula, according to a January 29 survey

215,000: Missoula's 2009 median home price, in dollars, as of July 31

60,000: Approximate annual income, in dollars, needed for a family to buy a median priced home in Missoula

38,168: Missoula County's median household income, in dollars

26: Players from the Missoula Osprey who have reached the major leagues

12: Number of foreign-born players on the Missoula Osprey roster, representing the Dominican Republic, Australia, South Korea and Venezuela

12: Estimated number of foreigners in Missoula

3,017: Number of valid Medicinal Marijuana Patient Registration Cards licensed through the Montana Department of Health and Public Services as of August

1: Ranking of Missoula in per capita marijuana consumption in the United States, as reported by Forbes magazine.

3: Pints of beer allowed by law during one visit to the Kettlehouse Brewery taproom

400: Pounds of coffee sold at Butterfly Herbs per week

36,000: Pounds of flour used by Le Petit Outre per month

100: Number of years since the Oxford Saloon has locked its doors

185: Length of Flathead Lake's shoreline, in miles. Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi

1: Lakefront properties sold this year, as of July 29

2.8: Difference, in millions of dollars, between the listing price and sale price of the lakefront home that eventually sold

3: Average number of pounds, in millions, of Flathead cherries produced each year

61,000: Acres in the Rattlesnake National Recreation and Wilderness Area

4.5: Miles from Missoula to the main trailhead that accesses it all

96: "Green" rating given to the University of Montana by Princeton Review

3,727: Acres of prime agricultural soil left in Missoula

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