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Full Length



The debut from this synthesizer-plus-drums local duo showcases heavily melodic electronic rock that flirts with indietronic. It's a minor-key drenched, instrumental affair that at its finest tugs at your heartstrings without coming across as corny.


Opener "Argyle Sunset" kicks things off with a series of morose melodies, a mellow breakbeat and a sample of a girl talking about beauty and inspiration. It then shifts into indietronic mode with some nice acoustic guitar strumming. "Civil Now" sounds like the kind of track you'd listen to after a breakup as you ponder the good and bad times. One of the strongest cuts, "Circuitous Root," features a nice dramatic piano line, along with gorgeous washes of synth tones that sound as if they're whining and crying at you.

Despite the quality parts, there are some minor bumps. For one thing, a few of the synth sounds sprinkled throughout come across as flat and uninspired. And a handful of potentially strong tracks, notably "Cats" and "Seventeenth England," end as quickly as they start, leaving you slightly unsatisfied. Still, Full Length is a sufficient initial effort that's definitely worth a listen. With some time and creative tweaking, I expect even tighter compositions from this highly emotive two-piece.


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