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More umlaut!

Goatwhore keeps its black metal classic



If you’re looking for a classic black metal sound to rev up your day (or midnight shenanigans), look no further than Goatwhore. This New Orleans metal band, founded in the late ’90s, rocks all of the skull imagery and Satanic references and randomly placed umlauts in its album artwork you could ever want. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of Goatwhore’s catalog, including tracks on 2012’s Blood for the Master, is excellently thrashy and energetic, with speed-metal riffs galore. Most of the lyrics remind me of scenes in “Game of Thrones” where the priestess Melisandre is casting spells, with such cheery topics as “mortal despair” and “this age of oblivion” and “falling deeper into this trance of flame” and such.

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I don’t so much dig Goatwhore’s tracks where lead singer Ben Falgoust does cookie monster vocals. (Hey, band dudes: just ’cause Assück made cookie monster vocals sound cool the one time, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used sparingly.) Endlessly pummeling riffs and über-macho metal posturing tend to wear out their welcome with me, but I can totally recommend this to fans of older school, thrashier metal who want to get their headbang on.

Goatwhore plays the Palace Mon., May 5, along with Black Crown Initiate and Arctodus. 9 PM. $15/$12 advance at Rockin Rudy’s and All ages.


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