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Mountain High



Welcome to that time of year when the wind doesn’t even blow cold. Remember it because it will pass. In the meantime, get out of the sun or head for higher ground to seek relief.

Higher ground is the objective when the Sierra Club and the Rocky Mountaineers plan a “joint hike” up Lolo Peak on Saturday, July 22. Join them on this jaunt from the Mormon Peak trailhead to the summit by being in the parking lot of K-Mart at 8 AM on the day of. Why not give them a call at 721-4686 to let them know you’ll be coming while you’re thinking about it.

You’re sure to be hungry following that hike, which is why the Rocky Mountaineers are holding a potluck picnic in the Larry Creek Group Area near Charles Waters Campground the evening of Saturday, July 22. Feel free to join them, but bring a main dish for yourself and some food or drink to share as well. Preceding the picnic, there will be a hike suitable for children and people who don’t think they’re up for climbing a mountain. Call 721-3790 for info on either of those.

Should you feel like combining your hiking with some camping and surveillance, the Sierra Club’s Allan Mountain Service Outing, taking place Saturday, July 22, and Sunday, July 23, looks promising. The trip, which takes place in the 160,000-acre Allan Mountain Roadless Area, promises 14 miles of hiking in old-growth forests, open meadows, riparian areas that feed the West Fork of the Bitterroot and the North Fork of the Salmon, as well as the potential for spotting illegal off-road vehicle use. You supply the willpower and the Sierra Club will provide the documentation materials. Call 549-1142 to get in on this variant of neighborhood watch.

If you’re all tied up this weekend, consider penciling in a little history lesson for next weekend, Friday, July 28, through Sunday, July 30, when the Sierrans head to the Great Burn for a 15-mile hike retracing—you guessed it—Lewis and Clark’s route through the Rockies. Same number as last time, 549-1142, for more backcountry adventure.

As it happens, the Great Burn Study Group is planning a slightly longer trip to just the same area from Friday, July 28, to Monday, July 31. They’ll need to know that you’re coming in advance, but they’d sure be glad to see you if you can spare the time. Call 240-9901 if you’re in or just interested.

If you prefer to adventure on the road, with the aid of wheels, then pedal on over to Shirley Braxton’s Birthday Ride on Sunday, July 23. Each year this gal rides her age in miles and this year that means 77 miles of road biking, departing from the corner of Mullan Road and Reserve Street and heading out through Frenchtown and to Alberton before turning around. The word is that cupcakes are somehow involved. Call 728-4963 to find out how, or just to give some big ups to Shirl for the birthday excursion.

Should 77 miles seem insufficiently challenging, or if Sunday is just a bad day for you, you could join the Helena Bicycle Club for the Helena One Hundred, a long-distance ride on which they’ll cycle from Wolf Creek to Ulm through some scenic Missouri River terrain on Saturday, July 22. Let them know you’ll be coming, and give them the opportunity to extract a registration fee from you, by calling 443-7223.

And finally, there’s something water-based to round out the calendar of potential outdoor activities, which is good because, like I mentioned above, it’s still hot out. (Yeah, count on me for only the best in weather reporting.) Anyhow, climb on with Paddle MT’s Wednesday Night Float, next scheduled for Wednesday, July 26, and you’ll get the chance to float some choice stretch of river without having to set up a shuttle, since they’ll be supplying one. Should you need gear, you can rent the Canoe Rack’s for just $5. Call 251-0400 to get on the float this time, or just keep reading because there are four more coming before fall.

So, until next time you come around looking for something to occupy yourself, good day.

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