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This Is Where We Were


Mury are practitioners of the I Think, I Feel, I Believe and I Just Realized genre of rock, and This Is Where We Were, predictably, feels like a support group session narrated by Rob Thomas. From “Celery Stick” (“We don’t know how to act; we’ve always got it bad”) to “Sweet Sleep” (“I wouldn’t ask for a third chance, not like this”) and on to “3/13” (“We’ve come a long way…”) listeners are treated to earnest usages of the valedictory “We” and the interpersonal “You” as Mury’s declamatory “I” realizes, believes, boasts and explains where his “head’s at.”

Thanks to bands like Matchbox 20 and 3 Doors Down we’ve become accustomed to a pop genre that filters emotion through the standardized jargon of the analyst’s couch and the self-help book. Personally I blame California (Mury hails from San Francisco), and I don’t buy it: I just don’t quite believe the store-bought “emotions” on display. But I must admit that this particular collection of ditties about broken relationships, fraught hookups and thwarted communication is clean, honed and radio-ready. Mury is no James—the underappreciated but actually kind of good band that nailed this genre back in the day—but they could compete with the James Blunts of the world.

Mury plays Hot Topic at the Southgate Mall Friday, May 8, at 4 PM with Paper Mache. Free.

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