Nazis no more?


In January, British documentary filmmaker James Quinn visited Kalispell to finish Nazi Pop Twins, his film about self-professed “white nationalist” April Gaede and her 15-year-old twin daugthers, Lamb and Lynx, who form the infamous white-pride musical duo Prussian Blue.

The Gaedes moved to Kalispell last summer, and were experiencing difficulties after being identified by neighbors.

Quinn’s film aired July 19 in England, and while it hasn’t yet aired in the U.S., it was available by July 20 in its entirety on YouTube.

The documentary begins with Quinn showing the family as April presents it: a normal, functional family adhering to April’s white nationalist—most say racist—beliefs.

Cracks appear in April’s façade as the film progresses. April tries to get one of her daughters to maintain appearances for the documentary crew, telling her, off-camera but within range of a mic, “Just try to put on a happy face, they’re only going to be here for another hour…”

At another point, April and her daughters are on speaker phone with David Lane, who was serving a 190-year prison sentence stemming from the 1984 murder of a Denver talk show host by members of a racist group he helped found.

The 69-year-old convict, who recently died in prison, expresses more than a Platonic interest in the girls, calling them his “fantasy sweethearts.” No one but Quinn seems disturbed by this.

Finally, the movie shows Lamb and Lynx disclaiming April’s views.

In the few moments when Quinn catches the girls away from April’s watchful eye, one of the girls says, “I wouldn’t even consider myself a white nationalist.” Her twin admits, “There’s some songs we wish we didn’t sing, because now we disagree with it…people change.”

One of the girls admits to feeling guilty when she learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in school.

Nazi Pop Twins ends on a hopeful note, suggesting that the girls may ultimately rebel against racism. But for now it appears the grip remains tight. Prussian Blue has recently announced a European tour for this summer.


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