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Ward 4

Jon Wilkins (incumbent), unopposed

Jon Wilkins comes across as a pretty straightforward communicator who speaks plainly and doesn’t mince words. His voting record is significantly more complex.

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  • Cathrine L. Walters
  • Jon Wilkins

The two-term incumbent and military veteran is a registered Democrat, but it’s often tough to predict which way he will vote. He recently sided with conservatives against legalizing ADUs in single-family districts. But he also maintains a strong progressive streak, one that’s led him to champion the causes of renters’ rights and that of an elderly woman who was evicted from her home for failure to pay property taxes. In response to the woman’s plight, Wilkins went so far as to lobby the Montana Legislature (unsuccessfully) to change laws governing such tax evictions.

There have been times when Wilkins’ wildcard nature has made us uneasy. But as council’s liberal voting block appears poised to grow, his independence becomes an important part of the governing body’s makeup.

Endorsement: Jon Wilkins


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