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Night Beats

The H-Bomb



I've been spending a lot of time alone in the evenings, sitting on the back porch and taking in the expansive surroundings of this damn fine town that I now call home. As I bask in the majesty of the mountains, the for-real big sky, and relative silence, the anxiety that plagues me takes a backseat to a new sense of freedom and optimism—my chain has gotten a little bit longer. During these nightly meditations, personal cinematic masterpieces pop out of my subconscious. The rambling, gritty tunes of Seattle's psychedelic sons, Night Beats, make for a perfect soundtrack to the films that play in the theater of my mind.


While they give an undeniable nod to Texas psych-rock godfathers The 13th Floor Elevators, Night Beats avoids falling into the pit of pastiche. The H-Bomb EP is a collection of freewheeling, burnt out blues that mirror my feelings of optimism couched in anxiety perfectly. There's something incredibly creepy and dark about each of the tracks, but you can still see the sunlight through the cracks.

The band has no trouble shaking the shackles of daily existence—they are most definitely unchained.

Night Beats plays the Palace Wednesday, July 20, at 9 PM with Shahs and 10yoGF. $5.


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