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No More Existence

We Just Want Your Children


Raise a fist for a band that holds true to the growling, pulse-heavy tradition of punk. No More Existence crams seven muffled tracks onto their self-recorded release, We Just Want Your Children.

May 2005 was a particularly horrendous month in the Iraq War, and No More Existence makes no secret of their hatred for the bloodshed of that time. The cover art says it all, a gruesome post-apocalyptic world unfolding below a framed photo of President George W. Bush. This Pocatello, Idaho, quintet holds nothing back as far as message and angst, following in the footsteps of well-known punk protestors like the Dead Kennedys.

Guitarist Mat Bastard hammers first one fret then the next in the title track, seemingly an anthem to young adults sent off to war. The vocals aren’t as clear as, say, Black Flag, and the guitar not as crisp. The album is more akin to the buzz and chaos of a crowded show at the Palace.

But No More Existence isn’t going for quality or clarity. They’re going for raw anger and unvarnished emotion, and they succeed in making their anti-war statement. We Just Want Your Children is an album to get the feet kicking and the arms flailing.

No More Existence plays at the Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) Saturday, Nov. 8, at 8 PM. Satan’s Slaves, Knot Knocked Up and Bird’s Mile Home open. All ages, $5 donation.

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