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No quiero Taco Bell, says new B’root town


The developers of a new town-sized subdivision near Stevensville do not plan to allow any drive-through restaurants or vehicle repair shops in the commercial section of the 337-home development which is planned for 260 acres north of the Stevensville Wye in Ravalli County. When fully developed, the subdivision would become the third- or fourth-largest town in Ravalli County.

According to plans submitted to the Ravalli County Planning Office by Questa Resources, Brooks Creek Acres will feature a commercial development area on the west side of U.S. Highway 93 with restrictions placed on the types of businesses to be allowed. Permitted retail outlets include retail food and general merchandise stores, personal services (such as beauty shops), professional business offices, daycare centers, gas stations (excluding auto repair shops), restaurants (excluding drive-through), and government offices. Business owners will be allowed to construct accessory buildings and have one-family dwellings within a business.

The entire project will be developed on both sides of the highway and includes the townhouses, single-family homes, duplexes, the commercial area, ponds, open space, small parklands and wildlife migration corridors.

The development is proposed in eight phases. Phase One includes the construction of 30 townhouses in seven structures on 23.5 acres on the east side of Highway 93. The townhouses will be built on a five-acre portion of the 23.5 acres with the remaining land left as open space and green belt areas. The phase also includes the construction of two new paved streets; the entire development will include 16 new paved streets and a new access onto Highway 93.

Questa Resources, which is located in Bigfork, provides estimates of impacts with the submittal. It is estimated that when Phase One is fully occupied, it will add about 240 vehicle trips per day on Highway 93 and will add about 22 new students to the Stevensville School District.

The proposal will now be reviewed by the county planning board which will make a recommendation to the Ravalli County Commissioners. No date has been set for the public review of the development which is asking for approval of Phase One construction, approval of the overall master plan for the 260 acres and approval of the entire planned unit development.


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