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Noise Noise Noise

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Noise Noise Noise is going to break my heart by breaking up. The last record (or so they say, but I don't want to believe it) from the Billings garage, pop-punk group is an ironclad collection of songs for people who like the Ramones, Murder City Devils and maybe Wolf Mother. Not that Noise Noise Noise sounds like these bands, but they do embrace a certain amount of whoa-whoa! pop-punk, woven in with desperate-sounding gang vocals belted out like warrior battle cries.

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"You're Good, You're Great" and "It's Only Getting Worse" are deliciously hyperactive nuggets that clock in at less than a minute each. "Cover Your Eyes" feels like the Beach Boys coked up (oh, wait...) and "Trick Doves" is epic with its galloping riffs and menacing bassline. I don't know what happens exactly in that last song, but I'm pretty sure the band manages to slay some dragons and uncover buried treasure.

Ironically, "Accidental Camouflage" has a slow-paced flatness that makes it disappear within the context of much more exciting tracks. That's okay, because that song alone is eons better than the mountains of bloodless music I get in my inbox marked "indie rock."

Goodbye, Noise Noise Noise. I hope you get reincarnated soon.


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