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We Are Nots



If you revel in B-movie sci-fi, acid-wash jeans and cassette tapes, Nots just might be the band for you. On their 2014 album We Are Nots, the Memphis four-piece wastes no time in launching into a menacing, pulsing beat that drives grungy guitars and squiggly keyboards. In the background, electronic wiggles and worbs evoke the feeling that this album was recorded just next door to a mad scientist's basement laboratory.


Lead singer Natalie Hoffman is no stranger to sinister, throwback sounds, since she used to play for the sneering post-punk outfit Ex-Cult. With Nots, her half-shouted vocals are front and center, reminding me at times of both Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex. The recording quality also hearkens to a certain old-school quality, too. Hoffman's verses are a little hard to discern, but her righteous attitude and barked choruses on tracks like "Insect Eyes" and "Reactor" are unmistakably fierce.

Whatever corner of time and space you're currently occupying, We Are Nots is a perfect weirdo beach party soundtrack of the post-apocalyptic summer.

Nots plays Stage 112 Tue., June 2, along with Quintron and Miss Pussycat and Rooster Sauce. 9 PM. $8-$10.


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