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Winter in Red

Winter in Red opens like the soundtrack for a grainy film of the 1967 Golden Gate Park Human Be-In. A twangy bass riff and groovy drumming keeps time beneath a wave of hypnotic guitar feedback; all that’s missing is a visual effect akin to colored liquid sloshing around on a transparency machine. If anyone out there still takes acid, you’ve been waiting for Nudity.

Their latest is a 44-minute, three-track freefall to the center of your mind— mesmerizing melodies sure to reduce a listener to noodly shaking. While exploratory, the album avoids aimlessness, no small feat considering there’s no way it was recorded any way but live, man. Instrumentalists audibly feed off each other’s energy—effortlessly cuing to dynamic changes, rhythmic alterations and mutating time signatures while wailing on their instruments.

Nudity manages to go a far way down the rabbit hole without abandoning accessibility. Veterans of mind-bending music will find a challenge here, and indie rockers used to doe-eyed moping starlets will find a reason for lifting their heads and shaking their hips. Either way, if you listen, hang on to your wits.

Nudity performs Friday, May 4, as part of Folk Fest, a six-band concert in conjunction with the DIY Bazaar, at the Crystal Theatre. 5 PM: Bazaar, 7 PM: Folk Fest. $1, Bazaar / $5, Folk Fest.

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