It's not every day you see a freshly murdered corpse captured live in a documentary, but Olancho delivers just that. Making its world premiere at Big Sky, the film features members of a popular band in Olancho, a violent district of Honduras ruled by drug cartels and chaos. Directors Chris Valdes and Ted Griswold have seemingly impossibly intimate access to their subjects. With gorgeous photography, they capture real, poignant moments. When the band shows up to play a festival and a man gets stabbed in broad daylight, the band thinks they might get the day off, but no—the organizers have already rented the equipment. The show must go on, and we see the group perform for a slightly stunned and grieving crowd. Olancho is one of those rare international films you'll probably only get to see at a festival like Big Sky. Don't miss your chance.

Screens at the Elks Lodge Sat., Feb. 25, at 6 PM and the Roxy Sun., Feb. 26, at 6 PM.



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