Old Stormy

I suspect this highpoint’s name is related to the prominence it presents to those heading south on the pack trail—now abandoned—which runs along the South Fork of Storm Creek (in Idaho) toward Stormy Pass.

Though not particularly lofty, this peak’s name and placement above the fairly-recently abandoned Stormy Pass suggest a historical significance.

Old Stormy (8,203’) is most easily reached by using the Big Creek Trailhead and is best enjoyed by making the ascent on a multi-day outing that includes other nearby peaks.

The best route to this summit is almost directly up its south face. Begin by bushwhacking from the trail along Big Creek Lake into the high cirque bordered by Ranger Point and Range Peak on the west and this highpoint, Old Stormy, on the north. There is an obviously marshy area near the bottom of Old Stormy’s south face. Scramble (Class 2+) up the face, using the many goat trails when possible to lessen the effort. Aim for the ridge just west of the summit, then hike east along the ridge-crest to the interesting cairn marking the top.

Michael Hoyt

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