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Oliver Trolley

Back to the Start



The title track of Oliver Trolley's latest EP opens with the lines, "Come on, I'll sing you a song that you like/ Drunk on the corner of making the most of the night... The details don't matter/ The facts just get in the way." The lyrics, which are about a relationship, also accurately describe the album itself: clean, fun and simple pop rock that isn't interested in breaking new ground or conveying deep thoughts.

Back to the Start doesn't challenge, inspire or make you think, but it also doesn't disappoint, anger or make you dwell. Frontman Kevin Childs has a strong voice that, along with the rest of the band, delivers upbeat, radio-friendly easy listening without apology. The songs are on-trend and in-season: one features a banjo, many have an uplifting chorus of "ohhhs" and "aaahhhs."

This album won't grow with every listen. It won't be hailed as the start of something new in music. But if I heard one of the songs on the radio, I'd roll down the window and turn it up, even if I wouldn't think about it after it was over.

Oliver Trolley plays the Badlander Tue., March 25, at 9 PM. Free.

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