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On record: Then and Now , by Dave Scott and Crazy Dog


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Let's just go ahead and call it the Neil Young Conundrum. Let's say, for the sake of argument, you dig Neil Young's music. Then let's say you're something of a musician yourself. You want to play some Neil Young songs yourself, right? Lots of them are pretty easy to figure out, and they're fun. So far so good. But now, let's say, you start to get a few Neil Young tunes pretty dialed in, and maybe you start to think maybe someone else might like to hear you playing Neil Young songs.

Now we've arrived at the heart of the conundrum. They don't!


Look, Dave Scott doesn't need anyone's permission to lead a (mostly) Neil Young cover band, but when Neil Young is your literal touchstone, you're setting the recommendability bar pretty high. Then and Now—mostly Scott originals with a couple of Young tunes thrown in—is likable enough, competently performed, with some flashes of sweet lap steel by John Quackenbush and a multi-instrumental assist (and a couple of quality writing credits) from collaborator Keith Hardin.

What does it all add up to? A nice souvenir from the live show, if that's where you happen to find yourself having a good time some Friday night, but that's about it.

Dave Scott and Crazy Dog play Imagine Nation Brewing Fri., May 12, at 6 PM. Free.



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