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Coming live: Jeff Rosenstock



Jeff Rosenstock has played in touring bands for two decades, and he seems pathologically opposed to making any money from it. His last band, the collective Bomb the Music Industry!, broke up because "the nine to ten months of our lives when we are not playing music are not fantastic," per their official statement. Maybe they gave too much away. They offered six albums as free downloads on their website, and they sought out all-ages venues where they could charge less than $10 for their shows. That's probably a bad way to do business.

Either that, or it's the way punk rock is supposed to work, and anyone who charges kids to hear the music is betraying it. Rosenstock made his choice. His new split 7" with SkaSucks is available on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download. You know in your heart that's the right thing to do. You know it when you hear a certain kick-snare/kick-kick-snare beat on "NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN!!!" and are suddenly overcome by the urge to run around in a circle, even though you are in your 30s.


Rosenstock is in his 30s. The other song on his half of the split is a cover of "She's Got You" by Patsy Cline—the one that begins "I've got your picture" and ends with "I've got these little things. She's got you." Most of what he has to show for his years in punk rock are little things, but they are comparably fine and ennobling.

Jeff Rosenstock plays the ZACC Fri., July 21, at 7 PM along with Laura Stevenson and Go Hibiki. $13.


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