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On Record: Need To Feel Your Love, by Sheer Mag



Philadelphia's Sheer Mag aren't closeted in their Thin Lizzy and James Gang fandom, if anybody was wondering. The band, which started in 2014, appears to be reviving Scott Gorham's weaving licks and Joe Walsh's riffs and bringing hardcore and punk sensibility (DIY touring, small clubs, self-reliance) to a kind of music that one would assume doesn't have many fans among the hardcore/punk sets. Something about having Tina Halladay's powerful voice fronting a sound that's generally thought of as overly masculine sort of spins your head around a few times.


Sheer Mag's deep dive and commitment to producing a sound and tone that honors what was great about that 1970s music has quickly endeared them to listeners across the country, garnering strong feedback from Pitchfork and high-profile spots at Coachella and South By Southwest.

The band's singles—"Hard Lovin'," "Nobody's Baby" and "Sit and Cry"—contain zero irony and are delivered with a power that you don't hear often enough anymore. Need to Feel Your Love, their first full-length LP, continues to worship at the Church of Lizzy. Its 1970s rock sounds like Johnny the Fox and AM Gold in more than a few places. It will be interesting to see how the album fares in the current musical zeitgeist, but for me it's a thing of beauty.


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