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On record: The Rotties, by The Rotties



The Rotties most recent album (another eponymous cassette) sounds like a punk-rock party album with all the trappings, including metal-tinged melodies, punk beats and petulant vocals. The Portland band also pays tribute to its ancestors. "Fear," for instance, ends with the lines, "Now we're gonna fuck shit up," just like the Blatz's "Fuk Shit Up" from their 1990 "Cheaper Than Beer" 7-inch. And their cover of the Gits' "Second Skin" is close to the original, but just a little more sloppy and off-the-rails in a way that gives it some Rotties flavor.


The good thing is that the band can also hold its own with originals like "Ministry," where they show off some instrumental tricks that blend strutting rawk and mathy rhythms. A few are less remarkable, like "Hole," which is maybe about JonBenet Ramsey, and which plateaus in a repetitive chorus. Still, it's a solid album from a band that's keeping a certain eat-the-rich street style alive. That never gets old, and now it's maybe more relevant than ever.

The Rotties play the ZACC Below Thu., May 18, at 7 PM, along with Preachy and Hermanas Y Hermanas. All ages. $5 suggested donation.


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