Sandy Sheppard

Readers' Pick

You know you have a great optometrist when she numbs your eyeballs and pokes your pupils to test something-or-other—which is a really weird sensation—and you still leave thinking you have a great optometrist. That’s Sandy Sheppard, who will get your vision up to snuff almost as fast as you can read the letters on the bottom line. And that’s important, especially if, like us, you’re arranging letters on a computer screen every day. Which sort of makes Dr. Sheppard an honorary Indy copy editor. Sandy Sheppard: 700 South Ave., 549-4851, sandysheppard.com

Finalists, Best Optometrist

2. Michael Simons, Montana Eyecare: 726 Kensington Ave., 549-9413, mymontanaeyecare.com

3. Kim Everingham, Rocky Mountain Eye: 700 W. Kent, 541-3937, rockymountaineye.com


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