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When I think about surfing, it usually involves sunlight and being rescued by pretty girls. None of these things happen in Seattle, so why would a band there form around that concept? Orca Team, straight out of Puget Sound, take strong melodies that dip in and out of minor chords like the tide coming in, wash them with reverb and dry them with driving, soft bass. The lead singer sounds like the son of Morrissey and Fleet Foxes, with the ever-present female "ooh-ooh" haunting the choruses.

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No, I'm not describing Real Estate or Beach Fossils, but I may as well be. That lo-fi beach pop sure is popular these days. You can't really blame them, though, because the sound is easy-going and stays with you like a jellyfish sting.

The band doesn't bow down to brevity but embraces its power—instead of one song getting stuck in your head, the entire album does. On every track, there's heartbreak: "It's you, out of reach" or "You're too busy to love me." Still, it's hard not to bob your head to these airy and upbeat songs, as twinged with lyrical sadness as they are.


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