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In 2011, A$AP Rocky rapped that "niggers ain't ready for the flow switch / only Harlem nigger on this Bone shit." Apparently, n-words were behind by exactly two years. That Bone shit—the triplet-based, offbeat-centered melodic cadence popularized by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony—is suddenly ubiquitous, and OverDoz are a pleasing example. Their new mixtape, Boom, is as light and tonal as it is stoney, with not a trace of aggression to be found.

That last part is what makes it interesting. Those of us who remember that Bone shit in its original will also remember that you couldn't act hard listening to it. Fast rapping is just not scary. Maybe that's why Boom came out so well: freed from the dominant conceit of contemporary hip-hop, OverDoz is allowed to explore other veins, like humor and wanting to do it. It's not a perfect production—the beats are trebly, and the rapping is serviceable rather than daring—but it enters the hip-hop head's library as a gust of fresh air. Let us not forget that rap is party music, and it's hard to have a good time when you're glaring and brandishing your watch.

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