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I Feel Cream


I’ll admit I liked it when Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, and I find myself mumbling “ma ma ma pokerface…” while alone in the car, but I find most dance music pretty insipid. That crappy and nonsensical new Britney Spears track is especially vexing. Luckily I have an antidote, and her name is Peaches.

Peaches’ new album, I Feel Cream, arrives just in time to lift a cult icon out of obscurity on the Lady Gaga wave and show the world how dirty sexy is done by a real woman. A long-time favorite in punk and electronica circles, Peaches combines the killer voice of an old-school disco diva with a quick-sharp rap delivery and a feminist agenda. Then she mixes all that with a mouth that would make a sailor blush.

“Serpentine” kicks off the party with a drum and bass beat that precludes standing still and a refrain of “I don’t give a fuck” so infectious it’ll have your church-going grandma singing along. By mid-album, the sex turned up to full throttle, there’s no turning back.

Prediction: While the pop world suffers through another Fergie-produced spelling bee this summer, those in the know will be working it out to the newest teaches of Peaches.

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