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Live on Ten Legs



Get ready for an onslaught of Pearl Jam. In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the band's first album, 1991's Ten, Pearl Jam is planning a yearlong celebration: re-released versions of Vs. and Vitalogy, a summer music festival "curated by" Eddie Vedder and the boys, and the debut of a new documentary made by Cameron Crowe.

First, however, comes the latest in a long line of live albums. Live on Ten Legs captures some of the band's newer material—and a few choice deep cuts—from shows performed over the last seven years. The acoustic "Just Breathe" and climactic "The Fixer" highlight the selections from last year's studio release, Backspacer. Older fans will recognize a rousing version of "State of Love and Trust," a song that appeared on the soundtrack of one of Crowe's films, Singles. The 18-track collection ends, of course, with crowd favorite "Yellow Ledbetter."


So much self-imposed nostalgia may strike some as a turnoff. Even bassist and Missoula resident Jeff Ament, speaking with Rolling Stone, referred to the whole exercise as "fucking weird." But buried under Pearl Jam's exhaustive marketing machine lies a great band. If the rest of this year's celebration is half as entertaining as Live on Ten Legs, it'll be worth it.


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