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Po’ Girl


Po’ Girl

Home To You


These four multi-instrument musicians from Vancouver, B.C. reaffirm that old-time music—although mostly languid—can still be invigorating. Their third album is a musical palette of homespun harmonies, Appalachian porch tunes and dustbowl ditties.

Impressively soulful voices intertwined in mesmerizing harmonies are Home To You’s bedrock. The opener, “Skies of Grey,” features the sweet vocal melancholy of Trish Klein (also of The Be Good Tanyas) singing about rainstorms and relationships, and before you can emotionally regroup, the clarinet swagger of “Go On and Pass Me By” frolics in Dixieland fashion. “Texas” is delicate country swing and the album’s surprise is the guest appearance of lyricist C.R. Avery on the pop-ish “Nine Hours To Go,” complementing the women as more a Beat poet than rapper.

The album’s vocal variety is matched by the myriad instruments found throughout. Clarinet, violin and banjo add to the subtle complexity and are cleverly layered, creating support rather than hogging the spotlight.

The feeling here is old-timey, but set aside your nostalgia, because it’s freshness, more than tradition, that makes this album triumphant. 

Po’ Girl opens for Jackie Green at the PEAS Farm benefit concert Wednesday, Aug. 8. $20 includes dinner at 6 PM, music at 7:30.

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