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Pony Time

Go Find Your Own



You will not soon forget the name of this Seattle band if you listen to the song "Tacocat Scraps," because the chorus is "Pony time, all the time now / pony time, what do you do," and it absolutely will get stuck in your head. That's off the 2011 self-titled album. Pony Time's newest, the 2013 Go Find Your Own, doesn't have any singles that are quite as memorable, but it's a fun garage-punk treat anyway. Drummer Stacy Peck keeps up an insistent beat and crashy cymbals while bassist Luke Beetham's nasal, quavering vocals remind me of surf groups like Guantanamo Baywatch.

Pony Time are local favorites in Seattle, and Beetham appeared in a shirtless, sultry pose with his Danelectro bass for The Stranger's tongue-in-cheek Men Who Rock issue. (He dished that honey oatmeal soap is his fragrance of choice.) The band is outspokenly feminist and passionate about cats, candy and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Peck and Beetham back up the great personas with a heck of a live party, as I recall from the show at Zoo City Apparel back in summer 2012. Jaunty tempos step up into higher gears worthy of bouncy slam-dancing, like on "Lesbian Mayor" and "First Thing in the Morning, You and Me (Hard and Heavy)." Plus, there's a love song to Kathleen Hanna. If it has to be Pony Time all the time, I'm just fine with that.

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