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You darn kids with all your internets, apps, and YouTubes! Why can't you be more like old fart rockers Queensrÿche and communicate via lackadaisical prose and predictably unpredictable faux prog-rock edginess?

Ever since the success of 1990's Empire (you remember, "Silent Lucidity" and "Jet City Woman"), the band has spent much of its time running away from that success, or as their website says, "challeng[ing] their fiercely intelligent audience and rock 'n' roll critics alike in profound and exceedingly rewarding ways." This is code for having a different producer write most of your music on each successive album, thus convoluting your sound to the point of parody.


It's hard to believe the same dudes who brought us the all-time greatest metal rock opera, Operation Mindcrime, now seem content shoveling some of the most cliché-ridden, groan-inducing tunes of the year into a yawning pile of "meh." Admittedly, complaining about technology is my pet peeve. On "Hot Spot Junkie" vocalist and luddite Geoff Tate slavishly sings "I'm addicted to the wifi wave / An indispensable satellite tool I abuse, I abuse / The world wide web and all the pictures on YouTube, there's no escaping it." Fortunately, it's easy to escape Queensrÿche these days.

Queensrÿche plays the Wilma Wednesday, September 7, at 8 PM. $34/$32 advance at Rockin Rudy's and


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