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Cathedral With No Eyes



I think Railcars, aka Aria Jalali, just gave me a reason to appreciate poppy synth hooks and even poppier vocals. That's thanks to the contrasting walls of howling distortion that cake every sound on Cathedral With No Eyes, the newest EP from this Los Angeles-based pop-noise outfit.

This is punishing stuff, but it's certainly not just a noise record. In fact, beneath the overdriven grime on tracks like "Castles" and "Passion of Saint Edmund (Rebirth)" you'll find danceable electronic beats and washes of guitar that mingle with melodic synth tones, which shift up and down in pitch. At times it sounds like Jalali's machines are dying a slow, decaying death, only to be resurrected instantaneously. It's a deliciously odd mixture of aggression and playfulness that manages to work, especially when Jalali's catchy vocals are added to the mix.


You could call this bastardized electronic pop on amphetamines, and it seems perfect for sweaty anarchic dance parties in dank, dimly lit basements. Whatever it is, if you consider yourself a fan of anything put out by American avant-garde purveyors Load Records, and don't mind excessive fuzz in your musical diet, you'll dig this EP as much as I do.


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